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Month: September 2012

GPS standards for Commercial Trucks in New York

Posted in Truck Accidents on September 28, 2012

Transportation and logistics technologies would baffle even the most analytical minds. Commercial truck drivers in New York at one time had to rely on road maps, memory, and the radio for directions, updates on traffic, and height clearance on underpasses. Today, Global Positioning Systems (GPS ) has supposedly made things easier for the commercial truck… read more

New York City Pedestrian Accident Results In Death

Posted in Pedestrian accidents on September 24, 2012

Driving isn’t a right, it is a privilege and sometimes that privilege can lead to overconfident, thoughtless drivers who cannot seem to take responsibility for their actions behind the wheel. When the one at fault refuses to take responsibility for the accident they’ve caused, what can be done? This is a question that the family… read more

NYC Airport Shuttle Accident Injures Five In Midtown Crash

Posted in Legal News on September 17, 2012

Drinking is a casual pastime that many enjoy weeknights, early mornings, and weekends. Relaxing and having a beer or two with friends after a hard day’s work is a common practice for many who find this social time a way to relax and relieve some of the work pressures we face every day. Unfortunately, too… read more

Brooklyn building collapse crushes worker to death

Posted in Construction Accidents on September 14, 2012

Construction Accident Kills Worker – Hundreds of millions of years ago, human beings were first erecting structures where they would live and raise their families. While the beginning of the construction industry had a rocky start, the world has benefited greatly from the advances. No matter how safe materials, training, and guidelines make construction sites,… read more

Tips on How to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents in Medical Facilities

Posted in Slip and Fall Accidents,Trip and Fall Accidents on September 12, 2012

Hospitals and other medical care facilities are meant to be places of health and safety for patients and for those who work in the medical field. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, and they are especially prevalent in places where liquids, such as; cleaning solutions, bodily fluids, IV fluids, and other biological liquids… read more

Tractor-trailer Plunges down Embankment

Posted in Truck Accidents on September 10, 2012

Tractor trailers are incredibly large mechanical wonders. They are designed to transport our goods across large distances, and many times they do their job without any mishaps. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case on Friday, September 7th. A tractor trailer that was carrying thousands of pounds of industrial sized batteries, spilled from the truck after the… read more

Mechanic Avoids Jail Time for Role in Crane Collapse

Posted in Construction Accidents on September 7, 2012

In August of this year, construction mechanic, Tibor Varganyi, was able to avoid a 15-year prison sentence for his part in the 2008 East 91st Street construction crane accident by testifying against his former employer, James Lomma. On May 30th, 2008, a construction crane collapsed into the street, but not after demolishing a part of… read more

Tractor trailer Overturns on Thruway

Posted in Truck Accidents on September 7, 2012

The shipping and transportation industries are what keep America moving forward. Without tractor-trailers and their ability to haul large quantities of goods from one place to another, the USA could very easily fall into the crippling mess that drives up the costs of goods. One of the goods transported most by 18-wheelers is carbonated beverages… read more

Woman suffers minor injuries in Two-car accident in Mount Kisco

Posted in Car Accidents on September 4, 2012

Two-car accident in Mount Kisco Car accidents can be very serious, dangerous, and commonly life-threatening. The causes of car accidents can be as obvious as a drunk driver or as subtle as a nail puncturing a tire and slowly leaking air pressure. Surviving a car accident can be deemed a miracle, and there are those… read more