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Month: August 2021

Teen Driving Laws in New York City: What Every Teen Driver & Parent Should Know

Posted in Teen Driving Laws on August 27, 2021

Learning how to drive can be an exciting experience for a teenager. However, it can also be an intimidating one. This is particularly true in a busy environment like New York City. There are many steps teen drivers and their parents can take to avoid car accidents and traffic law violations. One is to learn… read more

Do You Have to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in New York City?

Posted in New York Law on August 11, 2021

It’s extremely important to take all steps to protect yourself and others when operating a motor vehicle in a busy environment such as New York City. This is particularly true if you ride a motorcycle. If you’re involved in a New York City motorcycle accident, you may sustain major injuries. Wearing your helmet is one… read more

Top 10 Factors That Determine How Much to Expect From a New York City Car Accident Settlement

Posted in Car Accidents on August 3, 2021

Many individuals wonder how much they will receive for their injury claim after a car accident. Many factors impact how much a car accident claim is worth. Unfortunately, some of those factors are not within the accident victim’s control. We look at 10 factors that can influence your car accident settlement below. Factors That Could… read more