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Accident victim devoting himself to end texting while driving

Posted in Auto Accidents,Car Accidents on August 3, 2012

Driving is lots of fun for most teens who are excited to get their driver’s license, however, the number of vehicle accidents among teenagers continues to climb. Some auto accidents are 100% preventable by making it a practice to NEVER TEXT WHILE YOU DRIVE.

Watch this video clip of teenagers, listening to music, talking, and texting that highlights the grave dangers of distracted driving that we see every day on the highways and byways:

Mobile technology has made lots of advancements over the last few decades alone, and text messaging is one of those cool advances that has had a great impact on communications for adults, college students, and teens. Unfortunately, this impact isn’t always a positive impact.

iPhone’s Siri and Smartphones with capabilities to talk and send text messages has become a popular feature for people on the go, but too many people are using the text feature while handling the biggest deadly weapon on the road – a car, and this creates a great danger.

Texting while driving is a deadly combination; just ask Texas college student Chance Bothe who was texting his friends while driving his pickup truck and flipped his truck into a ravine where the engine of the truck landed in his lap. Luckily, he was rescued shortly before his truck burst into flames. Bothe broke nearly every bone in his body, and to this day he wonders if the text he sent was worth the pain, recovery, and money it cost.

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