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Brooklyn School Bus Accident Attorney

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Brooklyn School Bus Accident Attorney

Brooklyn School Bus Accident AttorneyHas your child been injured in a school bus accident in the Bronx or Brooklyn?

When a parent puts a child on the school bus in the morning, there is an understanding between the parent and driver that every precaution will be taken to keep that child safe.

Sometimes things go wrong, due to driver error, mechanical defects, student misbehavior, or other problems.

Liability involving school bus accidents can be complicated.

You need a Brooklyn school bus accident attorney experienced in cutting through the red tape to get to the heart of the issue at hand, your child’s well-being.

Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer, Jay S. Knispel has the background and experience necessary to recover financial compensation for your child’s injuries.

Contact the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers today to find out how we can help you.

School Bus Accident Causes

Injuries from a school bus can happen in many different ways including:

  • The collision between a school bus and another vehicle
  • School bus hitting your child
  • Slippery floors on the bus, causing slip and fall injuries
  • Dangerous conditions surrounding the bus stairs
  • Injuries caused by sudden stops and starts of the bus
  • Injuries caused by fighting with other children on the bus

Not only is the school responsible for the safety of your child while in the school building itself, but also while being transported to and from the school or any school-related event.

This means not only does the driver need to be a safe driver, but there must be control of the students on the bus.

If your child was injured because the school failed to keep him or her safe, it is your right to seek compensation for those injuries.

School Bus Accident Statistics

A school bus-related crash is defined as any type of crash that directly or indirectly involves a school bus or a vehicle functioning as a school bus that is transporting students to or from school or a school-related activity.

Official school bus accident statistics show that 1,450 people have been killed in a school bus-related accident since 1990.

Only nine percent of those killed were passengers on the school bus itself.  Sixty-seven percent were occupants of other vehicles involved in the accident, and 25 percent were pedestrians or bicyclists.

These statistics show that each year, approximately 27 school-age children die from school bus-related accidents.

Twenty out of those 27 will be pedestrians.  More than half of all pedestrian fatalities involving school buses are children between the ages of five and seven.

Free Legal Consultation with Brooklyn School Bus Accident Lawyer

If your child has been injured while riding the school bus, or hit by a school bus, it is important that you contact Brooklyn accident lawyer Jay S. Knispel today for a free consultation regarding your situation. Call us at (718) 802-1600.

Whether the injury was caused by another student on the bus or any type of collision, it is your right to seek justice and compensation for those injuries.

Do not sign any type of settlement with the insurance company without consulting your attorney.

Mr. Knispel has the knowledge and experience to recover the maximum funds for your child’s injuries.

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