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Construction Accident FAQs

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Construction Accident FAQs

Q.  Is there more than workers’ compensation available for construction workers injured on the site?

A.  According to New York Labor Laws, the financial recovery against your employer will be limited to workers’ compensation.  However, there may be other parties that are legally responsible for your injuries, including property owners, equipment manufacturers, or third-party contractors.  There is the possibility to recover more than just workers’ compensation from these responsible parties.

Q.  While working on a large construction project, I was injured.  Can I sue the property owner?

A.  The property owner is one party that may be liable if an injury occurred on the construction site.  It is important to talk to your attorney about your unique circumstances to ensure that all parties responsible for your injury are held liable for their negligence.

Q.  Is every injury that occurs at work covered by workers’ compensation?

A.  For the most part, yes.  Workers’ compensation is a system designed to provide benefits to a worker without regard to fault.  There are some exceptions to this, however. Discuss your injuries with your attorney to determine if there are other compensation options available to you than workers’ compensation for your injuries.

Q.  I have been injured at work, and I believe that my employer has violated OSHA regulations.  What effect will this have on my case?

A.  Your attorney will be able to investigate your incident thoroughly and determine whether there was an actual violation, and whether that violation was the cause of your injury.

Q.  Who is responsible for making sure the construction site where I work is safe?

A.  The general contractor, the property owner, and/or sub-contractor (if there is one) may be responsible for ensuring the safety of workers at a construction site.  The division of responsibility is not equally separated, and the extent of each parties liability in an accident will be determined through an investigation.

Q.  Should I consult an attorney to discuss my construction site injury claim?

A.  Yes. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel, LLC specialize in construction site injury claims, and we have the resources available to determine the cause of the incident and the liability of the parties involved.  We will do what is necessary to ensure you recover the maximum damages available to you by law.  Call today at (212) 564-2800 for a free consultation.  There is no fee unless we collect for you.