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25 Injured in Major Auto Collision Involving Bus Full of Passengers in Brooklyn, NY

Posted in Bus Accidents,Car Accidents on January 9, 2015

This past Wednesday, January 7th, 2015, a major automobile collision occurred in Brooklyn, NY when a bus full of passengers was hit head-on by a BMW that was traveling at a speed much higher than the posted speed limit.

The Black BMW was speeding southbound on Utica when it first crashed into a Nissan Maxima that was backing out of a parking lot.  This first collision between the speeding BMW and Nissan Maxima sent the BMW flying head-on into the B46 Limited bus that was full of passengers and heading northbound on Utica when it was struck by the black BMW.

Many witnesses of the accident reported similar if not the same stories of how this accident occurred and who was at fault.  All the witnesses agreed that this three automobile accident was ultimately caused by the speeding BMW that first hit the Nissan and then the bus.  Witnesses of the accident also stated that they saw the bus passengers covered in blood and moaning in pain as they were removed from the bus by authorities.

In the end this bus accident left three people in critical condition and another 22 with some type of injuries.  Thankfully out of these 22 who were injured as a result of the accident, 19 were bus passenger victims who suffered only minor injuries.  Three individuals that were riding in the BMW and Nissan were critically injured, sources said.  The accident is still under investigation by the Brooklyn Police Department but the driver of the black BMW is expected to be at fault and charged accordingly.

25 Injured in Major Auto Collision Involving Bus Full of Passengers in Brooklyn, NY
Photo: William C. Lopez

This story was originally reported by the New York Post on January 7th, 2015.