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Right-of-Way Laws in New York

Posted in New York on June 30, 2023

When you get your driver’s license, you are expected to be familiar with the right-of-way laws of the state where you were licensed. But laws change over time, and licenses are valid even when you are driving in other states. Just because you have a license, that doesn’t mean you are familiar with the right-of-way… read more

Are Lane Splitting & Lane Filtering Legal in New York

Posted in New York on November 4, 2022

Before determining whether lane splitting and filtering are legal in New York, it helps to understand what we mean by these terms. Both terms refer to maneuvers made by a motorcyclist in traffic. However, the terms describe two different scenarios. Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist weaves between moving traffic at a higher rate of… read more

2015 New York Techweek

Posted in New York on September 14, 2015

The 2015 New York Techweek is an event that is celebrating innovation and technology by bringing together a perfect blend of the smartest, most successful, and most influential innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, and visionaries in the technology industry as a whole.  Techweek New York 2015 will last an entire week, and it will include everything from the… read more

Helpful Guide for Filing an Insurance Claim in NYC after a Car Accident

Posted in Car Accidents,New York on April 15, 2014

NYC Vehicle Accidents & Motor Insurance Claims If you’re involved in a serious car accident, the main thing on your mind will probably be disbelief that the accident occurred in the first place. You may be in pain because of any impact your vehicle may have had with other objects and you’ll likely be unable to… read more

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