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Distracted Driving

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The Grave Danger of Distracted Drivers in NYC

Posted in Distracted Driving on March 22, 2013

Commentary About Distracted Driving On The Roads of NYC – While March comes to a close, we are gearing up for April. April is Driving Distracted Awareness Month. As a nation, we have dedicated an entire month to alerting drivers to the dangers of driving while distracted. When drivers are not aware or alert for dangers… read more

Safe Driving in New York City

Posted in Distracted Driving on February 5, 2013

A Simple Guide to Safe Driving in New York City Streets Accidents, including car accidents, were the #5 cause of deaths in the US in 2010. The number of cars on the road has grown tremendously over the last two years which means that the chances of being involved in a car accident have grown… read more

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