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Are There Traffic and Red Light Cameras in New York City?

Posted in Car Accidents on August 22, 2022

Are There Traffic and Red Light Cameras in New York City?

Drivers running red lights is always an issue, especially in high-traffic intersections. That’s why red light traffic cameras have increased in recent years.

There are red light traffic cameras all over New York City. These cameras are found on many of the busiest roads, from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens. The city installs these cameras in hopes of deterring individuals from running red lights.

The biggest issue with running red lights is the significant increase in the likelihood of car accidents. If you experience a car accident due to a driver running a red light, consult with a lawyer. The driver could face penalties, and you might be able to pursue compensation.

What Is a Red Light Traffic Camera?

Red light traffic cameras help catch drivers running through red lights. These cameras snap photos of vehicles as they drive through intersections with red lights.

In general, red light cameras are placed in busy intersections where car accidents are more likely to happen.

New York City Red Light Camera Information

The New York City Department of Finance provides the following facts regarding red light cameras in the city:

  • The owner of a vehicle is always responsible for the violation
  • Sensors activate the red light camera when a vehicle crosses over a crosswalk line during a red light
  • You may be sent a notice via mail with photo evidence of your vehicle running the red light
  • Multiple red light violations on the same day are all separate and enforceable

Red light cameras are still a mystery to many, so the city of New York is trying to educate drivers are much as possible to avoid future violations.

What Happens When a Red Light Traffic Camera Takes a Photo of Your Vehicle?

If a red light camera snaps a photo of your vehicle at an intersection, the Department of Transportation (DOT) receives and reviews the photos. Because a photo does not necessarily mean a car ran a red light, DOT employees examine images to determine whether there was, in fact, a violation.

If the DOT decides you did commit a violation, you’ll receive a notice of liability in the mail.

Penalties for Red Light Camera Violations

If you committed a violation and receive notice of liability, you have 30 days to answer. You’ll receive another notice with an additional $25 fee if you do not pay the $50 penalty within 30 days. If nothing occurs within 30 days of the second notice, a final notice is sent out.

Enforcement measures will be brought against you if there is no action taken within 14 days after the final notice.

Does a Red Light Camera Violation Go on Your Record?

No, a red light camera violation does not result in any points or go on your record. Additionally, car insurance rates do not go up after a violation, either.

Red light camera violations attempt to deter drivers from running red lights, as this action often results in car accidents. Because these violations can become costly, drivers should try to avoid them by respecting red lights at intersections.

Consulting with a Lawyer in New York

If you’re injured by a driver that receives a red light camera violation after running a red light, an attorney can help you pursue compensation. A lawyer can use the violation as helpful evidence to prove the other driver committed a wrongful act that resulted in your collision and injuries.

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