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Bushwick construction accident forces out residents

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires,Worksite Accidents on August 23, 2012

Two separate apartment buildings were evacuated in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. The two four-story buildings were evacuated after large cracks began to form in the exterior brick walls. One tenant, Matt Brogan, an architectural consultant, became alarmed after he noticed 1 to 1.5 inch gaps forming between the exposed brick wall and interior wall of his apartment.

So, what is the culprit? Right down the way from these two already standing buildings, a construction company is making preparations to erect another four story apartment building. Unfortunately, the residents of 418 and 420 Melrose Street are experiencing incredible tremors and vibrations from the work. The city has already issued five violations on the construction site, one of which was for not properly monitoring vibrations from their continued work. You don’t have to be a construction worker to be hurt in a construction accident.

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