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NYC Car Accidents & Safe Driver Tips

Posted in Car Accidents on December 31, 2011

NY Car Accident Statistics

According to the State of New York Department of Motor Vehicles there were:

  • 315,377 car related accidents in 2010 of which 1,119 of them resulted in a fatality.
  • 27.8% of the 1,119 fatalities were pedestrians killed by automobiles.
  • 10,558 caused serious injuries
  • 18,189 accidents resulted in a moderate injury.
  • 87,634 fell into the category of minor injury.

Some auto accidents are related to non-human factors such as bad weather conditions (rain, snow, black ice, etc.) that contribute to car crashes, however, the majority of auto accidents are the result of human factors while driving. The number one reason for auto accidents related to human factors was driver inattention or distraction (49,833 accidents). The second reason was tailgating or driving too close to the car that’s in front of a driver (40,666 accidents).  These two human factors alone represented 28.7% of all accidents in New York.

Below are 10 safe driver tips that help minimize vehicle accidents:

  1. Stay focused while you drive and obey traffic laws.
  2. Wear a seat belt while driving. It may be annoying for many people, but seat belts save lives. Drivers must require all passengers including adults and children to wear seat belts. Since New York was the first state to legally require drivers to wear a seat belt in 1984 and continues to make buckling up a law enforcement priority.
  3. Be a defensive driver. Look ahead and be alert to foresee probable issues that may cause an accident. An effective way to avoid accidents is by being a courteous driver.
  4. Never drink and drive. Operating a vehicle while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs your motor skills and peripheral vision. You are taking a BIG RISK of injuring innocent people if you drink and drive, so don’t do it.
  5. Double-check for other cars on the roadway before making a lane change. Adjust your mirrors so you can see cars or motorcycles in the lane(s) that is next to your vehicle.
  6. Slow down when approaching intersections and crosswalks which are prime areas for both pedestrian injuries and car accidents. Be extra careful when proceeding through intersections by looking in all directions to ensure that the area is safe and clear.
  7. Keep headlights on when driving at dawn, dusk, or in rainy conditions.
  8. Avoid cell phone use when driving
  9. Do not text and drive it’s a recipe for disaster and a traffic ticket.
  10. Check the tires, lights, and brakes.

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