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Chain Reaction Car Crash in New York

Posted in Car Accidents,Serious Injuries on October 18, 2012

Four hurt in chain-reaction vehicle crash in New York

New York State is home to millions of people, and many of those people drive a car (or more than one). Sadly, a number of careless drivers on the road don’t deserve the privilege of getting behind the wheel because they are negligent operators, distracted, or drive recklessly which puts other drivers and pedestrians in danger.

On Tuesday, October 16th, a three car chain reaction accident began when, Ellery A. Jarrette, 52, of Pine Hill slowed down for oncoming traffic. Due to sun glare and following too closely, her vehicle was rear ended by Eugenie Wilkes, 76 years old, who was then rear ended by Douglas McKinley, 51 years old, whose truck overturned on impact.

All three drivers were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries, but the moral of the story is clear; you need to avoid tailgating other cars and be alert when driving by looking ahead. This tip alone will help prevent thousands of car accidents on our New York highways and streets.

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