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New York roofing accident results in a fatality

Posted in Construction Accidents on June 17, 2012

Commentary Regarding Roofing Accidents in NYC —

Construction Accident Results In Tragedy

Believe it or not, the construction industry is starting to see a recovery on the East Coast thanks to many homeowners looking to sell but needing to remodel first.  One of the most popular forms of remodeling and upgrading is repairing or replacing roofs.  On June 14th, Harvey J. Seymour III, 46, of Fulton was killed after he fell 30 feet from a roof where he was working and sustained a fatal brain injury.  Mr. Seymour’s co-workers were working on the opposite side of the roof and didn’t see him fall.  Unfortunately, Mr. Seymour’s accident wasn’t discovered until one of his co-workers went to investigate why he didn’t hear Harvey working.  No one was home at the time.

Officials are investigating the cause of the accident
New York roofing accidents or serious injuries suffered from a fall while working at a construction site is very common. Resulting injuries from construction sites range from broken bones, to head concussions, to traumatic brain injury (TBI), to broken backs, permanent paralysis, and death.  If you have experienced an injury while working on a roof or visiting a construction worksite, and the injury is the result of unsafe site conditions, you may have a case for a lawsuit.  Some individuals are not sure of their legal rights, so its wise to contact a top New York roofing accident lawyer with the knowledge and expertise to analyze your case and fight for your rights.

What should I do if  I am injured in a roofing accident?

If you have been injured at a construction worksite, consider contacting the experienced NYC construction accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers. You will receive free legal counsel from a highly respected and reputable law firm that provides injured victims superior representation for all types of injury cases.

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