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10 Common Causes Of Truck Accidents in NYC

Posted in Car Accidents on January 11, 2012

Most truck accidents in NYC result in serious injuries and millions of dollars of damages.  When a smaller vehicle collides with a truck at high speeds, more than likely, most of the passengers involved will suffer severe bodily harm or even a fatality.

Below are 10 common causes for truck accidents in NYC:

  1. Unsafe weather conditions (Snow, Icy or sleek road, Fog, Rain)
  2. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  3. Tiredness and fatigue by drivers
  4. Distractions – cars, people, or items on the road
  5. Heavy traffic
  6. Trucks with trailers that exceed weight standards or load limits
  7. Faulty brakes or mechanical failures
  8. Blind spots
  9. Reckless drivers
  10. Bald tires or blowouts

According to a News article written by PRNewswire, in Feb. 22, 2011, truck accidents rose throughout the U.S. in 2010. There were 500,000 truck accidents that resulted in a serious injury that involved 100,000 people (20%). 5,000 of these truck crashes resulted in fatalities.

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