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Winter Roads Increase NYC Ice Road Truck Accidents

Posted in NYC Truck Accidents on January 22, 2013

The Winter Season Increases Dangers and Ice Road Truck Accidents in New York City

Many people have tuned in to see the nail-biting, white-knuckle experience called Ice Road Truckers, a reality series on the History Channel and TLC. This show follows career commercial truck drivers as they carry incredibly large loads, sometimes hundreds of tons, across frozen rivers and lakes in Alaska and Canada. These tough truck drivers have made it their job to know the ins and outs of driving in dangerously icy conditions, but many of the truck drivers in New York City haven’t had the training or experience to deal with road conditions when the weather changes drastically.

Ice Road Truck Drivers – The History Channel


Winter weather conditions for New York constantly hit single-digit temperatures and cover the roads with snow, sleek, and black ice. Even on sunny days with temps in the upper 20s, the roads can be covered in black ice, which will not melt in temps lower than 32º. While many drivers on the road take precautions for the sake of safety, sometimes large semi-truck drivers are too careless by driving fast on wet or icy roads. This places them and other smaller vehicles in dangerous situations that can lead to serious truck accidents and wrongful deaths that could be prevented by being patient and using common courtesy when driving.

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