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Lacrosse Helmets from Easton Sports Recalled

Posted in Products Liability,Serious Injuries on April 21, 2012

Product Recall Alert For: Easton Raptor Lacrosse Helmets

Type of injury: Facial or jaw laceration

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in Washington, D.C. announced a voluntary recall of Lacrosse Helmets from Easton Sports, of Scotts Valley, California. Six individuals have suffered facial injuries while wearing the helmets and those injuries have been reported to the company. Easton Sports has asked consumers to stop using the RAPTOR Lacrosse Helmets which were manufactured in China. If the chin bar breaks, it may cause the user to suffer a facial or jaw injury.

Product Description: “Easton” is printed on the back of the helmet and on the jaw strap and “RAPTOR” is printed low on the back of the helmet in the center.

Helmet Colors: Matte black; Silver; Navy blue and White; Royal blue and White; Red and white; White

Sold By: Online stores and Retail Sporting Goods Stores

When were products bought? From November 2011 through March 2012

Recommended solution: Stop using Easton Raptor Lacrosse Helmets


Q: Can I sell a consumer product that has been recalled like this Easton Lacrosse helmet?

A: NO! It is illegal to sell a recalled product.

Q: I bought an Easton Lacrosse Raptor Helmet, how do I get a refund?

A: Contact Easton Sports for a full refund at (877) 279-8545 | Hours of operation: 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. MT Monday through Friday



Q: Do I need an Attorney if I have been injured by a defective product?

A: It depends upon the severity of the injury and who is at fault.

Manufacturers of products are responsible for creating and distributing products that are safe for the public and consumer use. You may be entitled to receive financial compensation if you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury because of a defective product. The key factor is proving fault in a product liability lawsuit which is a challenging and complicated process. Your best opportunity in getting compensation for injuries suffered is by reviewing your case with an experienced and aggressive New York City product liability lawyer.

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