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NYC sinkhole nearly swallows a car

Posted in Premises Liability on August 3, 2012

What liability issues do potholes and sinkholes in New York City create?

A huge sinkhole in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, created a big concern for drivers and pedestrians.  A car parked near the sinkhole was nearly swallowed. The sinkhole was 20-foot wide, 15-feet deep and big enough for a large truck to fall into. The sinkhole is located on 79th street in Brooklyn, between 4h and 5th Avenues. The good news is that no one was injured and city officials are investigating the cause of the sinkhole.

Potholes and sinkholes are premises liability issues that can cause serious injuries and possible fatalities. Although sinkholes like this are rare, potholes are common occurrences during rainy days and winter months with snowfall. The city and property owners are responsible for repairing and filling in potholes or sinkholes in construction sites, parking lots, sidewalks, streets, and driveways to ensure the safety of people.

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