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Tips For Preventing Construction Injuries

Posted in Construction Accidents,Wrongful death on December 6, 2011

What are the most common construction site or workplace injuries?  Falls and equipment failures are the causes of most workplace injuries. Its important to be safety minded at all times to help prevent serious injuries from happening to you.

Below are seven (7) important tips that will help minimize a construction site injuries and falls:

  1. Request safety training. If you are required to use scaffolding equipment or ladders, you must be trained by the employer on the proper use of equipment, harnesses, and ropes.
  2. Conduct safety inspections on all of your equipment. Ladders tend to wear out fast in cold weather and can easily become fragile or faulty. Make sure you check and recheck equipment on a daily basis. Look for breaks, cracks, holes or tears before you use equipment.
  3. Use safety nets. If feasible, use a safety net whenever you work on a roof, bridge or building to prevent an accident.
  4. Lighten it up. Make sure you have proper lighting before you commence your work.
  5. Report faulty equipment. Inform your supervisor whenever you discover a malfunctioning scaffold, ladder, or equipment.
  6. Avoid horseplay and implement best safety practices. You are responsible for incorporating good safety habits to help prevent falls, accidents, or injuries at your work site.
  7. You are paid to think.  Report any hazardous situations that you feel are a risk to you or other co-workers.

Your life is precious, so its always best to play it safe than to be sorry.

If you suffer an accident at a construction site, protect yourself and your legal rights by:

  • Getting medical attention
  • Reporting the injury to your manager
  • Getting the names and contact information of witnesses who saw the accident
  • Preserving any evidence related to your worksite injury
  • Photograph the area where you were injured including any equipment that was involved in your injury
  • Seeking legal counsel from an experienced construction accident law firm

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