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Safe Driving in New York City

Posted in Distracted Driving on February 5, 2013

A Simple Guide to Safe Driving in New York City Streets

Accidents, including car accidents, were the #5 cause of deaths in the US in 2010. The number of cars on the road has grown tremendously over the last two years which means that the chances of being involved in a car accident have grown as well.

You can keep your family and you safe on the road this year by following these simple safety steps:

  • Perform regular maintenance on your car. Make sure the brakes, transmission, electrical system, wipers, headlights, tires, and accelerator are all in perfect working order. Many of the accidents reported in 2010 year were caused by faulty brakes, poorly maintained tires, and sticky accelerators.
  • Enroll in safe driving courses. These types of courses are provided through state and local programs. Besides helping you be a safe driver, many car insurance companies will offer discounts for customers who’ve passed a safe driving course.
  • Drive defensively. Drive as if your life depended on it, because it does. This doesn’t mean that you have to endure anxiety behind the wheel, but it does mean that you should always be alert to the drivers around you, the traffic signs, and the flow of traffic.

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