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Teaching Your Teen How To Drive Safely

Posted in Car Accidents on February 5, 2013

Driving Safety Tips For Teens

If you ask any parent, one of the things that scare them the most, it is the thought of their teen getting behind the wheel of a car. Conduct your due diligence by taking the time to look at the stats, and you’ll discover that this is a relevant fear for all fathers and mothers.

Car Accident facts: According to the CDC:In 2010, about 2,700 teens in the United States aged 16–19 were killed and almost 282,000 were treated and released from emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor-vehicle crashes.”

To read more teen driving stats click on: CDC Motor Vehicle and Safety .

What can I do as a parent to help my teen drive safely?

Keeping your teen safe behind the wheel doesn’t require that you restrict or prevent them from driving, but it does require that they undergo safe driving courses to understand the fundamental rules of the road. These include the top three things that I think you need to convey to your children before they get behind the wheel of a car. I encourage you to huddle up tonight with your teens at the dinner table and ask them to make these three promises:

  • 1. Will you promise me to keep your phone in the glove box? Do not text or answer the phone or check email while you are behind the wheel.
  • 2. Will you promise me to keep the radio down? Lots of car accidents are caused by lack of alertness and loud music can easily overpower the ability to hear when things have gone wrong on the road or with your vehicle.
  • 3. Will you promise me to check the vehicle and keep it maintained? Its very important to show don’t tell your children how to perform routine car maintenance tasks such as:
    • A. Check tire pressure and tread wear every day.
    • B. Check the oil and water levels at least once a week.
    • C. Check the brakes and recognize high pitch noises.
    • D. Check brake lights and turn signals each week.
    • E. Check the emergency brake each week.

Have your children practice these things in front of you so they get to know and do them by instinct. Parents, you can learn more about how to teach your teen about safe driving habits by visiting:

What can I do if my teen gets in an auto accident in Bronx, NY?

If you son or daughter has been in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver, contact an experienced car accident lawyer in the Bronx at the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers. The firm has a proven track record in helping auto accident victims recover the maximum compensation possible for their injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages.  They will help you too and there is never a fee unless they collect on your behalf.

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