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How To Avoid A Slip and Fall Accident in NY

Posted in Premises Liability,Slip and Fall Accidents on March 18, 2012

Slip and fall lawsuits are costly regardless of liability. Whether a business owner is at fault or not, its still costs both time and money. It is important to take the necessary precautions in order to avoid a costly slip and fall. The following tips are not only easy to adhere to, but will also drastically reduce the chances of being sued for a slip and fall. It is however, important to realize that no matter how many precautions you take, there is always a potential for a slip and fall. With that said, the following steps should not only drastically reduce a lawsuit, but also the value of a lawsuit, if in fact one does occur.


Preventing a slip and fall accident should be part of your business routine. Use common sense and if something poses a hazard, take action and do whatever it takes to take care of it and be sure to document your actions.


It sounds like a no brainer, however, it’s wise to check on the condition of your business routinely to make sure that it is safe. This applies to both a business with a lot of customer traffic and one without. It is much easier for business’ without much customer traffic to over look things such as cracks in the walkways, loose bricks or tiles or scrunched up carpet. But it is essential to take care of these potential dangers as soon as possible. Repairs apply to both inside and outside the place of business. When repairs are done, be sure to document them. Claiming that you didn’t know of the problem will not stand up in court; this is why it is essential to be aware of things that need to be fixed and to do what you can to fix them right away or at the very least make people aware of the danger.


Not only getting insurance, but the right kind of insurance with the right type of coverage is essential to your protection. Again no matter how careful you are, slip and falls can and do still happen. A comprehensive general liability insurance policy will generally give you the kind of coverage you need. This will not only provide you with a defense attorney in case of a lawsuit, but also a fund the insurance can use to pay for the damages incurred. The key is to make sure that your policy is large enough to cover any potential damages that occur.

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