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Types of Construction Site Accidents

Posted in Construction Accidents on February 8, 2023

Construction workers face many risks that can cause injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately, the construction industry has some of the highest numbers of workplace injuries and deaths.

New York State and New York City have a higher fatality rate for construction workers than the national average. Twenty-two percent (22%) of worker deaths in New York City in 2020 were in the construction industry, according to the NYCOSH report.

The types of construction site accidents vary but include the “focus four” construction site accidents identified by OSHA. The four common construction accidents are falls, electrocution, caught-in or between accidents, and struck-by accidents.

Common construction site accidents in New York City include:


Falls from heights and on the same level are among the most common construction accidents. Slips, trips, and falls accounted for 35% of workplace deaths in the construction and extraction industry in 2020. Workers sustained 21,400 nonfatal workplace injuries because of slips, trips, and falls that year.

Common reasons for injuries related to falls include:

  • Unprotected elevator shafts
  • Lack of railing
  • Scaffolding and ladder accidents
  • Unmarked floor holes and edges
  • Defective ladders
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Debris and objects in walkways
  • Slippery or slick surfaces
  • Improperly constructed scaffolding
  • Failure to use fall protection systems
  • Roofing accidents

Falls from heights can result in wrongful death and catastrophic injuries. However, trips and slips on the same level can also result in severe injuries.

Falling Objects

Objects falling from cranes, lifts, scaffolding, and higher levels can strike workers below, causing injuries. Traumatic brain damage and broken bones are common injuries caused by falling objects. Falling debris is often preventable when workers and contractors follow safety protocols for storing and moving materials and objects.

Struck-By Accidents

These construction site accidents occur when a moving object strikes a worker. Struck-by accidents can be caused by motor vehicles, heavy equipment, and construction equipment. Common struck-by accidents include being struck by a flying, falling, swinging, or rolling object.

Electrical Accidents

According to the CDC, there are four primary electrical injuries workers can experience:

  • Electric shock
  • Coming into contact with electrical energy or electric wires
  • Burns/arc blast
  • Electrocution (fatal injury)

Electrical accidents on construction sites occur for many reasons. Exposed wiring, defective power tools, damaged wires, and overloaded extension cords are common reasons for electrical accidents. Improperly grounded electrical outlets and plugs is another common cause of electrical accidents.

Caught-in or Between Accidents

Construction workers can be caught-in or caught between machinery and objects on a construction site.

Common reasons for these types of construction site accidents include:

Caught-in or between incidents can cause severe injuries, including crushing injuries, amputations, paralysis, and death.

Defective Machinery and Tools

Defective products can also cause injuries and deaths on construction sites. Defective machinery and tools can cause electrocutions, amputations, and other injuries. The manufacturers could be liable if a defective product causes a construction accident.

Compensation for Construction Accidents in New York City

A construction worker should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Most employers in New York must provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

Therefore, injured construction workers should be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits including:

  • Necessary medical care and treatment
  • Medical devices prescribed by physicians
  • Lost wage benefits if you are unable to work because of a construction accident

Surviving spouses and children can receive survivors’ benefits that include up to $12,500 for funeral and burial costs and weekly wage replacement.

In addition to workers’ comp benefits, you could be entitled to compensation from a personal injury claim. While most injured workers cannot sue their employers for damages, they might have a claim against a third party.

For example, you might have a claim against a manufacturer if a defective tool caused your injury. A property owner could be liable if you were injured while working on their property. A driver might be liable for damages if they cause a car accident.

Filing a personal injury claim after a construction site accident can provide additional compensation for damages not covered by workers’ compensation. Personal injury damages typically include compensation for economic damages, including lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses. You could also receive compensation for non-economic damages, which are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Ask a New York City Construction Accident Lawyer for Help

The best way to know what claims you can file after a construction site accident is to ask a New York City workplace accident lawyer. An attorney will review your case to determine all legal options. Then, the attorney will explain each option so you can make decisions that help you receive the maximum compensation for a construction site accident.

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