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What Are the Dangers of Running a Red Light in Brooklyn?

Posted in Car Accidents on July 19, 2023

What Are the Dangers of Running a Red Light in Brooklyn?

With a population of over 8.5 million, it’s no secret that NYC is the biggest city in the United States. In Brooklyn, one of New York City’s most popular boroughs, countless cars are present on the streets at all hours of the day.

When driving through Brooklyn, it’s important to keep an eye out for drivers engaging in dangerous behaviors, including running red lights. Running a red light may not seem like a big deal at first, but in reality, it can have serious consequences for the driver and others on the road.

If you’re involved in a collision with a vehicle that ran a red light, consult a Brooklyn car accident attorney for guidance.

Potential Dangers When Running Red Lights

Running red lights is one of the most common – and risky – driving behaviors.

Drivers often choose to run red lights because they are:

  • Distracted
  • Running behind schedule
  • Engaging in road rage and aggressive driving

Not only is running a red light dangerous for everyone on the road, but it’s also against the law.

Colliding with Another Vehicle

One of the major risks associated with running red lights is car accidents. When a driver runs a red light, it usually involves driving quickly through the intersection without looking for other cars. Drivers crossing into the intersection don’t expect to see a car coming from the opposite direction, giving them no time to get out of the way.

Because running a red light typically involves speeding, this increases the likelihood of a more serious accident that involves substantial injury and property damage. Among the many dangers of speeding, high speeds can worsen the impact when a vehicle collides with another.

The most common type of red light crash is a T-bone accident. It’s given this name because the vehicle running the red light often ends up crashing into the side of a vehicle crossing the intersection, forming the shape of the letter “T.” These accidents can injure both the negligent driver and the victim.

Hitting a Bicyclist or Pedestrian

Running a red light heightens the chance of running into a bicyclist or pedestrian. When the light is red on one side of the street, pedestrians are typically given the go-ahead to cross the street safely without fearing oncoming vehicles.

Drivers who run red lights therefore put pedestrians at risk. And pedestrian accidents involving running red lights usually end in significant, life-altering injuries to victims.

Getting a Traffic Ticket

Many drivers run red lights with little fear of getting caught. Today, however, a traffic camera may capture the scene if a police officer isn’t around to witness the crime.

When caught running a red light, drivers are open to punishment. For instance, traffic cam fines for running red lights are $50. And citations given by police officers may result in more expensive fines and points on the driver’s license, depending on the situation and number of previous offenses.

What Happens if I’m Involved in a Car Accident with a Driver That Ran a Red Light?

If you’re involved in a collision with a driver who ran a red light, it’s best to discuss your case with an experienced Brooklyn car accident attorney. A lawyer can gather strong evidence, like traffic cam footage, to help prove the other driver’s negligence and pursue fair compensation for your injuries and property damage.

A Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights to Fair Financial Recovery

Because time is limited, it’s important to meet with a qualified car accident attorney as soon as possible after your collision. When you have the right legal representation, you can feel confident that your red light crash claim is in the right hands.

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