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What are the most common causes of New York City Construction Accidents?

Posted in Construction Accidents on November 16, 2021

What are the most common causes of New York City Construction Accidents?

You cannot walk for more than five minutes in New York City without seeing a construction site. Construction may be a major industry throughout the country, but it plays a particularly significant role in this city.

That’s why it’s important that NYC construction workers be protected from harm. Unfortunately, NYC construction accidents can and do occur.

Working in construction involves a certain degree of inherent risk. OSHA statistics indicate approximately 20% of workplace accidents resulting in fatalities in the United States were related to construction. Although fatal construction accidents are on the decline in New York State as a whole, fatalities within NYC are on the rise.

Many such accidents are theoretically avoidable. It is thus important that everyone who works in construction is aware of the common reasons accidents happen. Understanding the common causes of accidents can make guarding against them much easier.

Why NYC Construction Accidents Happen

Construction accidents happen in NYC for numerous reasons.

Some of the most common causes of construction accidents include the following:


Working in construction in a major metropolis like NYC often involves working high above the ground. As such, it should come as no surprise that falls account for a large percentage of NYC construction accidents.

Be aware that even when falls do happen, the severity of their consequences can vary depending on certain critical factors. For instance, research indicates NYC construction site falls are significantly less likely to result in death if proper fall protection is in place.

Falling Objects

Construction crews working from heights in NYC must be very careful with their equipment. Another common cause of NYC construction accidents is falling debris striking workers below.


Many construction work tasks involve working with or near electrical systems and equipment. If proper safeguards are not in place, workers may be electrocuted as a result. Electrocution accidents can also occur if workers are not properly informed that they are working near power lines or other major sources of electricity.

Slip & Falls

Slip and fall accidents can happen virtually anywhere. However, they may be somewhat more common than average at construction sites. This is because hazards that can result in slip and falls are often prevalent throughout construction sites and their surrounding areas.

Ladder Accidents

Ladder accidents often happen at NYC construction sites because workers use the wrong ladders or fail to set them up properly before using them. That said, these types of accidents are not always the result of worker negligence. For instance, a ladder accident may occur if a ladder’s designers or manufacturers overlooked a defect.

Vehicle Accidents

Many NYC construction workers perform tasks that require driving various types of vehicles or operating similar equipment. Thus, there is a natural risk of vehicle accidents occurring at an NYC construction site.

Scaffolding Accidents

New York State has fairly strict laws designed to minimize the chances of scaffolding accidents occurring. Despite this, scaffolding accidents remain a fairly common cause of NYC construction worker injuries and deaths.

It is also worth noting that the injuries NYC construction workers may sustain do not necessarily have to be caused by immediate one-time accidents. The type of work construction crews perform often stresses the body over time. As such, some construction workers develop sprains, strains, chronic discomfort, and other such problems. Do not assume you are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits simply because your injuries were not the result of one single accident causing harm.

That said, you also should not assume your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer will be eager to provide the compensation you request. Sometimes, insurers attempt to deny claims or offer unreasonable low payouts. Their goal is that of any business: to avoid financial losses whenever possible.

Have you been injured in an NYC construction accident? Regardless of the cause, you may be much more likely to receive fair compensation if you enlist the help of a qualified attorney. They can negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf.

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