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What is Bad Faith Auto Insurance

Posted in Car Accidents on April 30, 2013

Answering the Basic Questions Regarding Bad Faith Auto Insurance in New York

When a person purchases an auto insurance policy, they are putting their trust and money into a relationship with a company that is in business to provide monetary coverage in the event that an accident, death, or loss occurs. Car insurance, home owners insurance, rental insurance, health insurance, and life insurance are all forms of insurance that millions of Americans pay into with their hard earned money in order to have that sense of personal protection, safety, and comfort.

The most common type of insurance bad faith is seen with auto insurance. Unfortunately, some car insurance companies seek to increase their profits by refusing to pay auto accident insurance claims. This is considered auto insurance bad faith, and it is a prosecutable offense.

What is insurance bad faith?

Insurance bad faith is a legal term used to describe a breach of contract between the insurance company and the insured individual. If a client purchases car insurance and they are the victim of a hit and run, the insurance company is obligated, through contract, to provide a payout equaling no more than the maximum amount specified on the insurance coverage statement. When the insurance company refuses to payout, even after given substantial documentation of the accident, expenses incurred, and the damages, you have the legal right to file an auto insurance bad faith claim against your auto insurance company.

What can be considered an act of bad faith?

Here are a few of the first party (insured against property damage or loss) and third party insurance (liability insurance) bad faith acts committed against insurance policyholders:

  • Failure to investigate or poor investigation results
  • Denying to pay a rightful claim
  • Refusing to defend a policyholder
  • Failing to cover defense losses
  • Refusing to pay a judgment or settlement in a lawsuit

Who should I contact if I have an insurance bad faith claim?

When your good faith in your insurance company is trampled by failures, refusals, and incompetence on the part of the insurance company agent, contact me regarding your case. I am the type of lawyer who fights back to protect your legal rights and doing my very best in getting every client the compensation and protection that they rightfully deserve. Call my office for a FREE no-obligation consultation regarding your bad faith auto insurance case in New York.

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