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What Is the Average New York Auto Accident Settlement? Recent Car Accident Settlement Examples

Posted in Car Accidents on July 26, 2023

What Is the Average New York Auto Accident Settlement? Recent Car Accident Settlement Examples

As a city with over 8.5 million residents, New York City sees no shortage of car accidents. Accident reports from the NYPD show that in June 2023 alone, the city saw 7780 reported car accidents

It’s rare for a car accident case to go to trial for a verdict, which means that compensation can be recovered through an insurance claim and settlement negotiations.

The amount of money you can recover from a New York City car accident depends on two key factors — the extent of the damage and your lawyer’s skills. Looking at some recent New York car accident settlement examples can shed light on how much compensation you can expect to recover after a crash. 

Recent Car Accident Settlements In New York

Recovering compensation after a car accident usually depends on proving the other driver was at fault. However, New York is a no-fault state. This means that an insurance company will pay for car accident damages, regardless of which driver was at fault — sometimes precluding the necessity for a lawyer in small accident claims

Of course, there are still many cases in which a car accident attorney would greatly benefit you, which might leave you wondering how much you could settle for.

But the value of a case is unique for every accident, which means it’s hard to know how much your case is worth until you consult an experienced car accident lawyer. However, the average New York car accident settlement is considerably higher than in other states: about $287,000.

Some recent compensation amounts recovered after New York City car accidents include: 

  • $2,000,000: Passenger struck by a tractor-trailer
  • $930,000: Driver struck by an ambulette
  • $635,000: Family of five injured in a crash 

The best way to get an accurate assessment of your New York City car accident case value is to consult a car accident lawyer before you begin speaking with the insurance company. 

Factors That Impact New York Car Accident Compensation

Car accident settlements range widely. Amounts recovered after a car accident can range from a few hundred dollars to a few million. Elements related to a crash that have a significant impact on overall case value include: 

  • The extent of your accident injuries
  • Whether a full medical recovery is possible
  • Whether a return to work is possible
  • Medical costs
  • Impact on wages and benefits
  • The mental and emotional impact of injuries
  • Insurance policy limits

The level of injury tends to be the most impactful element in a car crash. Injuries that have a severe long-term impact on a person’s health are known as catastrophic injuries

Common examples of these include traumatic brain injury and spinal injury. These types of injuries have a life-altering impact on an individual’s health, finances, and overall quality of life

The level of damage after a serious injury means that the average settlement amount is much higher than in cases involving minor injuries or injuries that allow for a full recovery. The same is true after a car accident results in death. The avoidable loss of a loved one is a tragedy that often results in substantial settlement amounts. 

Protect Yourself After a New York Car Crash

You can’t control the damage that comes out of a New York City car crash, but you do get to choose the lawyer that represents you. Doing your research and choosing an experienced New York car accident lawyer with a strong track record is the best way to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve after a crash.

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