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What Safety Gear Should Be in Place on Construction Sites in New York City?

Posted in Construction Accidents on May 17, 2022

What Safety Gear Should Be in Place on Construction Sites in New York City?

Construction accidents in New York City are almost always a result of unsafe behavior on a construction site. Failing to wear all required safety gear is one of the most common forms of unsafe behavior. 

Sometimes this occurs because a worker simply doesn’t follow the on-site regulations. But this type of unsafe behavior can also happen when employers don’t provide the required safety gear to their employees.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has extensive guidelines dictating the personal protective equipment (PPE) that employers must provide (and that employees must use) at construction sites. 

If an employer fails to provide this gear or enforce these regulations, the employer may be subject to fines, and the construction site might be shut down temporarily or permanently.

The main categories of protection for construction workers are:

  • General safety and health provisions
  • Personal protective and life-saving equipment
  • Fall protection
  • Excavations

The last category applies only to a small number of construction sites. But the other categories apply almost universally to all construction sites.

What Types of Safety Gear Should NYC Construction Workers Wear? 

There is no way to provide complete safety to workers at a construction site. But when safety gear is worn and used correctly, on-site accidents are reduced, and injuries from accidents are less severe. Construction workers often feel like they are wearing their body weight in PPE. But the benefits are worth the annoyance.

Hard Hats and Helmets

Helmets are probably the most iconic piece of PPE for construction site workers. Headgear primarily protects workers from concussions or brain injuries caused by falling objects. This danger is particularly prevalent in New York City, where the majority of construction is on tall buildings.


Goggles protect workers from eye damage. Power tools like saws and drills often send bits of metal and wood flying through the air at high speeds. If one of these bits hits your eye, it can easily cause permanent damage. Most construction site goggles also have UV protection to prevent sun damage from a day spent outside.

Fall Protection

Safety nets and harnesses are particularly important for construction workers working on New York City high rises. Many construction sites are located hundreds of feet up in the air. Fall protection limits how far a worker can fall and is usually the difference between life and death when a worker slips.

Hearing Protection

Construction sites are extremely loud. Powerful equipment reaches decibels that can permanently damage hearing, especially when used for hours at a time. Earplugs prevent workers from suffering hearing loss.


People on a construction site are required to wear boots with rubber soles and steel toes. The latter can protect your feet from impact damage. The former gives you better traction and can protect you from electrocution.

Training Requirements

Safety training can save your life even when all other safety precautions fail. Employers must ensure that their employees understand and practice all safety procedures. Workers also need to identify any dangerous situations so they can properly report them and possibly correct them.

New York City Regulations Regarding Construction Site Safety

NYC doesn’t require additional safety gear beyond OSHA regulations but does place some additional constraints on construction sites. The most important safeguard is that NYC construction sites are subject to daily inspections to ensure compliance with all safety regulations.

Construction is a constantly growing field in this country. Both federal safety regulations and New York City regulations help ensure that the workers who are continually joining this field are safe at NYC construction sites.

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