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Why are malpractice lawsuits in New York so difficult to pursue?

Posted in Medical malpractice on March 19, 2012

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Below are some key reasons why law firms find it challenging to pursue a malpractice lawsuit in New York:

  1. Most medical malpractice cases are difficult because they place significant demands of time and money on the attorney and law firm handling the case.
  2. A medical malpractice lawyer may need additional resources to help fund what can be a very expensive legal process and time consuming case.
  3. The attorney or law firm must be committed to spend the money required and invest the time necessary to fully develop and pursue a malpractice case.
  4. A malpractice attorney must have past experience to fully understand both the short and long-term effects that the injury has on the client.

 We Invest The Needed Resources For Malpractice Cases:

Founder and managing attorney Jay S. Knispel doesn’t take cases in hopes of a quick settlement. Instead, his firm will invest the time, money and resources needed to:

  • Thoroughly investigate and develop your case.
  • Hire expert witnesses that are credible to help validate the extent of your injuries.
  • Employ skillful professionals that help create medical illustrations for juries that are compelling and simple to understand so that common people who sit as jurors comprehend medical blunders and negligence that led to an injury.
  • Let you know if you have a viable case to pursue.

Hire An Experienced Malpractice Attorney For Your Case:

New York attorney, Jay S. Knispel is the firm’s Founder and Managing Partner. Mr. Knispel represents clients involved in all kinds of serious personal injuries, including but not limited to: nursing home neglect or abuse, auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, premises liability, slip-and-falls, construction accidents, products liability, injuries caused by defective equipment and other personal injury accidents that result in long-term disability or death.

Mr. Knispel is licensed to practice law in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Attorney Knispel, has been in practicing law for over 20 years, and has developed a proven track record of success in representing clients injured by doctors, nurses, clinics and hospitals.

He is a member in good standing of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association. His firm works on a contingency fee so you never pay a fee unless they win your case.

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