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Midtown East Personal Injury Lawyer - 450 Seventh Ave., Suite 409 New York, New York 10123Were you injured in an accident in the Midtown East neighborhood of NYC? If someone else’s negligence caused you to get hurt, you could be entitled to significant compensation. Conveniently located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers is just down the block when you need it. Call us today at (212) 564-2800 or contact us for a free consultation.

A seasoned trial lawyer, Midtown East personal injury lawyer Jay S. Knispel has more than 25+ years of experience in personal injury law to bring to your case. And as a former insurance defense attorney, he provides unique insights and perspectives to help you get the compensation you need after an accident.

How The Midtown East Personal Injury Attorneys From The Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Can Help You Fight for Damages

How Our Midtown East Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Fight for DamagesDealing with the bills and stress after an accident is too much, especially when you are trying to recover from physical injuries. You don’t need the added burden of fighting insurance companies who are trying to pressure you into accepting a lowball offer.

Our personal injury attorneys near Midtown East can help. Here’s how.

When you hire the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough, independent investigation to pinpoint the cause of your accident
  • Interview witnesses and collect other evidence to support your case
  • Review your medical records to get a clear picture of the extent of your injuries
  • Calculate your damages to include all current and future losses
  • Handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies
  • Hire experts to support technical aspects of your case
  • Fight for you in court if the at-fault party refuses to give you a fair settlement offer

You do not have to face the next steps alone. You can let our trusted, local legal team stand by your side. We’re here 24/7 to schedule your appointment, so call now or contact us online today.

History of Midtown East in New York, NY

Between 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, Midtown East has a quintessential, vibrant NYC feel. With its historic landmarks and iconic buildings – from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, built in the 1860s, to Rockefeller Center,  The Museum of Modern Art, the United Nations Secretariat Building, the Chrysler Building, and Radio City Music Hall, Midtown East is what people think of when they think of New York City. Of course, you’ll also find some of the most famous upscale shops on Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue.

Much of Midtown East was originally part of Turtle Bay, which was settled by two Englishmen after they were given a 40-acre farm in the area by the Dutch colonial governor of New Amsterdam in the 1600s. After much of the city was destroyed in the New York City draft riots during the Civil War, Midtown East was rebuilt with brownstones and retail establishments.

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The Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers is conveniently located at 450 7th Ave #409, New York, NY 10123. Call us at (212) 257-8750 to schedule your free case review. Our personal injury attorneys are here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Our Personal Injury Law Firm’s Primary Practice Areas

We routinely represent individuals in Midtown East who have suffered:

Car Accidents

NYC sees more than its fair share of car accidents. There were over 1,000 crashes in Manhattan in January 2022 alone. Distracted drivers are the overwhelming cause. We’ve helped countless clients after they’ve suffered injuries in a vehicle accident.

Construction Accidents

There is always construction around Midtown and throughout Manhattan and construction workers are at high risk for injury and death on the job. Contact a construction accident attorney in NYC that has years of experience handling the complexities of these accidents. Whether you need to file a workers’ comp claim or a third party lawsuit, we can help.

Motorcycle Accidents

The fun and freedom of riding a motorcycle unfortunately often comes at a price. Cars and big trucks often don’t see you or don’t share the road like they should, leading to devastating crashes that can leave you with life-altering injuries. We’ll stand up for you when you get hurt and help you get your life back on track.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Whether you fell because of a crumbling sidewalk or a wet floor in the supermarket, a slip and fall accident can result in anything from a minor sprain to wrongful death. There are often multiple parties involved, and it’s important to identify everyone who’s at fault in any premises liability case. As a Midtown East personal injury law firm, we know the neighborhood – having a good relationship with local businesses and knowing the court system goes a long way toward helping you get a good result.

Truck Accidents

Large vehicles like trucks and buses have a harder time navigating through traffic. It takes them longer to stop and longer to react. And they cause a lot of damage when they collide with a passenger vehicle. We are not afraid to go up against the trucking companies to get you the compensation you deserve. 

Wrongful Death

When you lose a loved one in an unexpected accident, you can count on us to jump in and get started fighting for justice right away. You’ll find our legal team to be compassionate and responsive to all of your questions and concerns. We understand the trauma you have experienced, and we want to stand by your side.

Other Practice Areas

Damages Available in Midtown East Personal Injury Cases

Although it varies in each case, in most Midtown East personal injury cases, we seek compensation for:

  • Doctor bills
  • Lost wages (past and future)
  • Property damage
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Medical devices
  • Medication
  • In-home nursing care
  • Depression or anxiety caused by your accident
  • Other elements of pain and suffering

Our experienced legal team works hard to maximize your recovery. And if we don’t obtain a financial award for you through a settlement or trial verdict, you don’t pay us anything. 

What Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Manhattan, NY?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingent fee basis. This means that if they don’t obtain compensation for you, then you don’t owe them anything. That’s right – basically, they work for free during the time your case is pending, and they collect their payment at the conclusion of your case. Their fee will be a percentage of the financial award they were able to recover for you. So the actual amount varies widely in every case since the amount awarded will be specific to you and to the fee agreement between you and your lawyer.

Most accident victims are already dealing with financial strain. Working with an attorney who charges a contingency fee allows you to get started fighting for compensation right away, even if you don’t have the funds to pay a lawyer.

Statute of Limitations in New York Personal Injury Cases

When you’re injured in New York, whether it was in a bicycle accident or a pedestrian accident, you will have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries. This is called the statute of limitations, and each state has its own law setting these deadlines.

In New York, you’ll generally have three years to file a lawsuit after you’ve been injured. If you are seeking compensation after a loved one suffered a fatal accident, you’ll have two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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