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The Process of Receiving a Settlement Check in New York

Posted in Personal Injury on October 20, 2022

Were you in an accident? Was it someone else’s fault that it happened? Quite possibly, you’ve suffered physical injuries and property damage, and have had to miss time from work. You wisely hired a personal injury lawyer to help you recover compensation for your losses. What happens next? In most cases, the relevant insurance companies… read more

Is It Possible To File a Personal Injury Claim in New York Without A Police Report? 

Posted in Personal Injury on September 14, 2022

You can file a personal injury claim without a police report in NY. However, the lack of a police report can complicate your claim and reduce your odds of winning. This issue usually comes up in the context of a car accident. In most cases, both drivers must file a crash report with the NYS… read more

What Happens During the Pre-Litigation Phase of My Brooklyn Personal Injury Case?

Posted in Personal Injury on September 13, 2022

What is the pre-litigation phase of a personal injury case? Pre-litigation refers to anything you do to pursue your claim before filing a lawsuit. Of course, you might reach a generous settlement before filing a lawsuit. Even if the defendant is so stubborn that you have no choice but to sue, you will likely settle… read more

What Is a Lien on an NYC Personal Injury Case?

Posted in Personal Injury on August 21, 2022

When you receive medical treatment for a personal injury accident, the medical providers may have liens against your settlement proceeds. Your attorney must pay the liens for your NYC personal injury case before you can receive any money for damages. However, New York laws limit some liens that providers and health insurance companies can place… read more

How Long Does it Take to Get A Brooklyn Personal Injury Settlement Check?

Posted in Personal Injury on August 20, 2022

Receiving a settlement check after an accident or personal injury can seem to take forever. However, the timeline for a Brooklyn personal injury settlement depends on several factors. It could take several months to a year to settle a personal injury claim. It all depends on the unique facts and circumstances of your case. To… read more

How To Proceed With An NYC Personal Injury Lawsuit

Posted in Personal Injury on August 3, 2022

New York City personal injury lawsuits proceed under New York state law, not NYC municipal law. Nevertheless, local court rules can exert some influence on the outcome of a case. Not all lawsuits proceed in the same manner – legal strategy determines much of what happens. For example, most personal injury lawsuits never make it… read more

Breaking Down Attorney-Client Privilege: What It Means and How It Can Affect Your Case

Posted in Personal Injury on July 2, 2022

Keeping client communications confidential is one of the most important responsibilities a personal injury lawyer has. Attorney-client privilege is an important legal concept that protects most information you provide to your lawyer. However, there are times when attorney-client privilege does not apply, so it’s useful for you to know this information before you begin a… read more

Basic NYC Personal Injury Settlement Breakdown: How Much Goes in My Pocket?

Posted in Personal Injury on July 1, 2022

If you were injured in an accident in New York City and are considering seeking compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer, you’ll want to know how much of the settlement actually goes into your pocket. Many lawyers advertise a “no win, no fee” arrangement to take your case, but what happens when… read more

Who are the Plaintiffs and Defendants in a Brooklyn Personal Injury Case?

Posted in Personal Injury on March 17, 2022

The plaintiffs and defendants in a Brooklyn personal injury case are the parties to the legal action. They represent the two sides of the personal injury lawsuit. The plaintiff is the injured victim in a civil lawsuit for personal injury. The plaintiff files the lawsuit alleging that the defendant caused the plaintiff to sustain injuries… read more

What is the Difference Between Negligence and Negligence Per Se?

Posted in Personal Injury on February 11, 2022

Most cases involving personal injury in New York City are based on negligence or negligence per se. These are both legal theories that hold a party financially responsible for damages caused by the party’s conduct. The main difference is whether the party is presumed negligent or the injured victim needs to prove negligence. What is… read more

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