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Kerry Kennedy: New York auto accident caused by seizure

Posted in Auto Accidents,Serious Injuries on July 19, 2012

Believe it or not, driving while impaired doesn’t always have to do with drugs or alcohol. A driver can experience impaired judgment and response time because of other factors; exhaustion, prescription drugs, physical illness, impaired eyesight, a full bladder, and in the case of Kerry Kennedy, a possible seizure.

Ms. Kennedy, the ex-wife to Governor Cuomo, was driving from her home to her gym and supposedly suffered a seizure after she pulled onto Interstate 684. During the seizure, her Lexus struck a tractor-trailer after which she took the next exit as her car came to a stop and shut off.

Witnesses and responding police officers say that she failed the sobriety tests, was swaying and had slurred speech. Ms. Kennedy and her doctors believe that her symptoms were a sign of a seizure and not drug or alcohol use.

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