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The Grave Danger of Distracted Drivers in NYC

Posted in Distracted Driving on March 22, 2013

Commentary About Distracted Driving On The Roads of NYC –

While March comes to a close, we are gearing up for April. April is Driving Distracted Awareness Month. As a nation, we have dedicated an entire month to alerting drivers to the dangers of driving while distracted. When drivers are not aware or alert for dangers on the road, accidents happen, serious injuries occur, and lives are lost.

Driving distracted poses great dangers for both you and everyone else that is on the move. You can prevent accidents and help save lives if you consciously remove the following driving distractions when you are behind the wheel.

Five Of The Most Common Driving Distractions

#1. Calling & Texting

Texting while driving has proven to be deadly, but few understand the dangers of driving while speaking on the cellphone. When your mind is occupied with conversation, your attention is not on the road, other drivers, or suspected dangers. If you text while driving, there are periods of time when your eye aren’t even on the road ahead.

#2. Eating While Your Drive

Eating while driving can be just as bad as driving without using your hands. It is difficult to control a moving vehicle while holding food, reaching for food, and eating the food. Lack of vehicle control is also a result of bending over to locate an object in the car, or reaching over into another seat to grab something.

#3. “Rubber Necking”

There is such a thing as paying too much attention to the road. When drivers get distracted by things along the side of the road, other drivers, or by accidents they aren’t aware or alert enough to stop quickly, avoid obstacles in the road, or drive defensively to avoid other rubber necking drivers. Stop being a rubber neck driver and focus on roadway.

#4. Applying Makeup

If your eyes are on your own face you cannot pay attention to the road ahead.

#5. Reading 

Reading emails, books, or a magazine is just as bad as texting or putting on makeup. If you are distracted, you are a great danger to other drivers.

To learn more about Driving Distracted Awareness Month, click here. If you are involved in an accident with a distracted driver in NYC and suffered injuries, consult with a personal injury lawyer who will review your case without any obligation or fees.

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