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What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Posted in Car Accidents on January 30, 2024

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Being involved in a car accident is an experience no one wants to have, but it’s unfortunately quite common. While some accidents are minor fender-benders, others are more serious, requiring medical treatment and leading to substantial emotional trauma and financial difficulties.

While most people assume they only need a lawyer if the accident is really bad, this isn’t really the case. It’s absolutely essential to work with an experienced car accident lawyer after just about any type of collision.

Brief Explanation of No-Fault States

When talking about car accidents and what a lawyer does to help you, it’s essential to understand the framework of New York car accident insurance laws. New York is one of the few states in the U.S. operating under no-fault insurance laws when it comes to car accidents.

Under a no-fault system, each driver’s medical expenses and lost wages are covered by their own respective insurance company up to a certain limit, regardless of who was at fault.

However, even though New York is a ‘no fault’ state for car accidents, the state generally allows you to initiate lawsuits against an at-fault driver when the car accident is serious. This means you’ve suffered serious injuries or you’re facing more than your policy limit ($50,000 by default) in losses.

Now that this is covered, here’s what a car accident lawyer does:

Explain Your Legal Options

After a car accident, one of the first things a car accident lawyer will do is explain your options in clear and understandable terms. Different types of accident scenarios can lead to varying legal paths, especially in New York, which is a no-fault state.

You may only have one option, which is to file an insurance claim with your own company. However, if your accident was severe, as explained above, you have other options your lawyer can help you with, like filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Investigate the Accident

Another key task your car accident attorney undertakes is conducting a comprehensive investigation into your accident. They collect essential evidence like police reports, witness testimony, photographs from the scene, and medical documents related to your injuries.

Calculate Damages

Damages from an accident aren’t just about covering medical bills – they’re also about compensating for lost wages, damages to your property, as well as pain and suffering experienced. A reliable car accident lawyer helps determine what your losses are – without this calculation, you can’t make sure you get what you deserve.

Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Another vital role of a car accident lawyer is negotiating with insurance companies after you file your claim. These entities typically attempt to minimize payouts by disputing the nature and extent of your injuries, among other strategies. A competent lawyer effectively counters these tactics to ensure you receive a fair settlement that adequately covers your losses.

Consult With Experts

In the course of building your case, a car accident lawyer might consult with expert witnesses. These could include medical professionals to validate your injuries or an accident reconstructionist to testify about how the accident unfolded. This can be significant in proving your case and obtaining compensation when you’re filing a lawsuit.

Provide Emotional Support

Probably an underestimated – but vital – role a car accident lawyer plays is providing emotional support. They certainly aren’t therapists and can’t be your sole source of support. However, they do understand what you’re going through as they’ve worked with countless clients in the same situation.

During this trying time, a good attorney doesn’t just provide legal representation; they’re also someone who empathizes with you and helps guide you through the process patiently and compassionately.

Represent You at Trial

If necessary, a car accident lawyer is always prepared to take your case to court. If the defendant disputes your claim or offers a settlement that does not adequately cover all of your costs and losses, having representation at trial ensures your voice will be heard and gives you the best chance at a successful outcome.

Set Up a Free Case Review With a Car Accident Attorney

While many people think they can handle a car accident claim alone, it isn’t always that simple. Hiring a skilled and compassionate car accident attorney will make navigating your legal issues exponentially easier.

We’re always here to help after a crash in New York City; contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers.

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