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NYC Car Accident Liability 

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NYC Car Accident Liability 

NYC Car Accident Liability Many people wonder how they will cover their medical bills, property damage, and lost wages after a car accident. Determining NYC car accident liability can be difficult, but a New York car accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers can help. 

Since 2007, our team has fought hard to secure the compensation our clients deserve after being injured because of someone else’s negligence. We can answer any questions you have about car accident liability and how to recover fair compensation for your injuries. Contact or call us today at (212) 564 2800 for a free consultation.

How Our NYC Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get Compensation After a Crash

How Our NYC Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get Compensation After a CrashFor over 25 years, the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers has helped car accident victims recover meaningful compensation after a car accident. Our lead attorney, Jay S. Knispel, is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a member of the National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and has an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell. He has also earned some of the largest verdicts and settlements in New York, New York.

If you were injured in a car accident, our New York City car accident lawyer can help with your claim by:

  • Investigating the accident and how it happened
  • Determining how another party is liable for the accident
  • Reviewing all applicable insurance policies, including Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • Managing your claim and deadlines on your behalf
  • Answering any questions you have about liability and the claims process
  • Handling communication with the insurance company and other parties
  • Negotiating for fair compensation and filing a lawsuit if necessary

As a former insurance defense attorney, Jay S. Knispel knows how to prepare claims and demand top dollar for them. Contact us today for your free case consultation. 

New York’s No-Fault Rules

New York State is considered a no-fault state for car accidents. In New York, you are required to carry PIP insurance. After an accident, you make a claim with this insurance rather than against the at-fault party, regardless of who was at fault. New York requires you to maintain this insurance, which pays up to $50,000 per person under a basic no-fault coverage policy to the driver, all passengers in your car, and any pedestrians injured by your car. 

No-fault insurance benefits provide coverage, up to policy limits, for the following:

  • All reasonable and necessary accident-related medical and rehabilitation expenses, subject to established fee schedules
  • 80% of lost wages, up to $2,000 per month for up to three years following the accident
  • Up to $25 per day for up to one year from the date of the accident for other reasonable and necessary expenses, such as transportation expenses to and from medical treatment and household help
  • A death benefit of up to $2,000 paid to the estate of a person eligible for no-fault benefits who is killed in a car accident

In addition to no-fault coverage, drivers in New York are also required to maintain minimum liability coverage for any claim filed against them due to an accident they cause in the following amounts:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury to one person in one accident
  • $50,000 for any injury resulting in death to one person in one accident
  • $50,000 for bodily injury sustained by two or more people in one accident
  • $100,000 for any injury resulting in death to two or more people in one accident
  • $10,000 in property damage

An experienced car accident lawyer can review the various insurance policies that apply to your case and explain your options for financial recovery. 

Exceptions to the No-Fault Rules

New York law allows car accident victims to recover compensation or economic losses that are over their no-fault benefits. They can also recover non-economic damages if they suffer a serious injury in the accident, which is defined as:

  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Significant disfigurement
  • Fracture
  • Loss of a fetus
  • Permanent loss of use of a body organ, member, function, or system
  • Permanent limitation of a body organ or member
  • Significant limitation of use of a body function or system
  • A non-permanent injury that prevents the victim from performing substantially all activities of daily living for at least 90 of the 180 days following the accident 

If you can prove you suffered a serious injury according to the above definition and the other driver was responsible for the accident, you can recover compensation for your pain and suffering, other non-economic damages, and your economic losses.

How To Prove Fault in an NYC Car Accident

Fault may be proven through strong evidence, such as:

  • Photos or videos of the accident scene
  • Witness statements
  • The location of damage on the vehicles
  • Physical damage, such as broken car parts, skid marks, and debris in the roadway
  • Electronic data recorder information 
  • Medical records
  • Reports from accident reconstruction experts

An experienced NYC car accident lawyer can identify, gather, and preserve evidence to help establish liability in your car accident case. 

Learn More About Your Rights When You Call Our NYC Car Accident Lawyer

Proving negligence in a car accident can be challenging, but your odds increase when you work with a lawyer experienced in dealing with matters related to NYC car accident liability. 

The Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers can investigate the wreck, help gather compelling evidence, and demand the compensation you deserve. Contact or call us today at (212) 564 2800 for a free consultation with our experienced NYC car accident attorney. 


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