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U-Turn Car Accidents in NYC

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U-Turn Car Accidents in NYC

U-Turn Car Accidents in NYCMost drivers have executed a U-turn at least once during their lifetime. It is more convenient to do a quick U-turn instead of driving to the next intersection or turning lane when we miss a turn. However, incorrectly executed U-turns can cause traffic accidents.

The New York City car accident lawyers of the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers can help you recover compensation for injuries caused by a negligent driver. Our legal team has recovered millions of dollars for our clients in New York City, NY. Attorney Jay Knispel has over 25 years of experience handling personal injury claims.

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How Our New York City Car Accident Lawyers Help You After a U-turn Accident in NYC

How Our New York City Car Accident Lawyers Help You After a U-turn Accident in NYC

You can legally make a U-turn in some situations. Therefore, proving a driver caused an accident involves more than showing they performed a U-turn right before the collision. The driver’s insurance company might blame you for causing the crash or claim you contributed to the cause of the crash.

Our legal team at the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers is ready to fight to get you the compensation you deserve. When you hire our New York City car accident lawyers, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate the crash to determine how the accident occurred
  • Gather evidence from the accident scene, witnesses, police reports, accident reconstructionists, and other sources
  • File insurance claims and handle settlement negotiations
  • Assist you with documenting your damages and losses
  • Calculate the value of your claim and demand compensation for the total amount
  • File a lawsuit and take the case to court when the other party refuses to negotiate a fair settlement amount

Our personal injury lawyers in New York City, New York, are here to help you through this difficult experience. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced NYC car accident attorney.

Are U-Turns Legal in New York?

According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a U-turn is any turn made to proceed in the opposite direction you were traveling. A U-turn can only be made from the left portion of the lane nearest the center of the roadway. U-turns from the right lane are prohibited.

Unless there is a sign prohibiting U-turns, you can make a U-turn when you have the right-of-way and yield to oncoming traffic. However, you cannot make a U-turn when:

  • You are near the top of a hill, curve, or other location that prevents other drivers from seeing your vehicle from 500 feet away in both directions;
  • You are in the business districts of New York City;
  • There are signs prohibiting U-turns;
  • You are driving on a limited-access expressway; or
  • You are traveling in a school zone.

If you make an illegal U-turn, you can receive a traffic ticket. Drivers who cause traffic accidents because of illegal U-turns could also be sued by accident victims seeking compensation for chest injuries, airbag injuries, seatbelt injuries, and any other damage.

Who Is At-Fault for a U-turn Accident in New York City?

You, as the personal injury victim, have the burden of proving that the driver’s actions caused the car crash to hold them responsible for damages. A driver might be responsible for a U-turn accident in NYC if:

  • The driver made an unsafe U-turn, even though the driver had the right-of-way
  • The driver failed to yield the right-of-way when making the U-turn
  • The driver failed to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the road
  • The driver crossed multiple lanes when making the U-turn
  • The U-turn was prohibited by law or signs

It can be difficult to determine who caused a U-turn accident. In some cases, both drivers could share liability for the cause of the crash. Contributory fault might play a role in determining how much compensation each driver is entitled to receive for damages if they are both at fault.

What Types of Damages Could I Receive for a U-Turn Accident in NYC?

If you prove that the other driver was at-fault for the cause of your car accident, you can demand compensation for your physical injuries, financial losses, and other damages. The economic and non-economic damages for a U-turn accident claim could include the following:

The insurance company’s initial settlement offer is typically lower than the value of your claim. Insurance adjusters work to keep claims as low as possible. Before signing a settlement agreement or accepting a settlement offer, talk with our New York U-turn accident attorneys to determine whether the officer is fair.

What Is the Deadline for Filing U-turn Accident Claims in New York?

The statute of limitations for most car accident cases in New York City is three years from the accident date. However, there are exceptions. Meeting with a lawyer as soon as possible after a car crash can help protect your rights and increase your chance of recovering maximum compensation for the claim.

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