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New York City Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

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New York City Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

New York City Hit & Run Accident LawyerTraffic accidents in New York City, NY, can be stressful. Your vehicle may have significant damage, and you might have sustained injuries. Fortunately, you can hold the at-fault driver financially liable for your damages.

But what happens when the at-fault driver leaves the scene before you can call the police? Are you responsible for damages caused by a hit-and-run driver?

Our New York City hit-and-run accident lawyer works with clients to get them the compensation they deserve after a hit-and-run crash.

At Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers, we have over 25 years of experience handling personal injury cases. Contact our office now at (212) 564-2800 and schedule a free consultation with a New York City personal injury attorney.

How Our New York City Car Accident Lawyers Can Help if You’ve Been Injured in a Hit & Run Accident

How Our New York City Car Accident Lawyers Can Help if You've Been Injured in a Hit & Run AccidentPersonal injury cases can be complicated. Your options for recovering compensation for damages after a hit-and-run accident could be limited. Seeking legal advice from experienced New York City car accident lawyers is a wise way to protect your best interests.

At the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers, we are passionate about fighting for accident victims’ rights. Over the past 25 years, we have earned a reputation as aggressive legal advocates for our clients. Our attorney has earned lifetime memberships in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which are exclusive membership organizations limited to attorneys who have recovered six-figure settlements and judgments for their clients.

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of how your accident occurred
  • Gather evidence proving that you did not cause the accident
  • Obtain a copy of the accident report or police report
  • File an insurance claim and deal with the insurance company
  • Work with you and your physician to document your injuries and damages
  • Advocate aggressively for the maximum compensation for your injury claim
  • Monitor all deadlines for filing claims and personal injury lawsuits

We are here to help you. Our legal team handles your claim while you focus on your recovery.

Contact us now to schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers in New York City, New York.

How Common Are Hit & Run Accidents in New York?

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a hit-and-run crash occurs every minute in the United States. On average, 682,000 hit-and-run accidents occur each year. Deaths from hit-and-run crashes hit a record in 2016, with 2,049 fatalities.

In 2019, there were 46,962 complaints about drivers leaving the accident scene in New York City.

Overview of Hit & Run Accidents

Overview of Hit & Run AccidentsFleeing the scene of the accident is a crime in New York. Drivers have a duty to stop at the accident scene, follow the law regarding reporting the accident, and exchange contact information with other individuals involved in the crash.

The criminal charge depends on the facts of the case. A driver could be charged with a felony for leaving the scene of an accident involving serious physical injury.

Sadly, thousands of hit-and-run accidents each year result in devastating consequences for innocent victims.

What Are Common Causes of Hit & Run Accidents?

The causes of hit-and-run accidents are similar to the causes of other traffic accidents. Most accidents result from human error, such as speeding, distracted driving, and failing to follow traffic rules.

The reasons a driver may leave the scene of an accident vary.

Common reasons drivers leave the scene of an accident include:

Whatever the reason might be for leaving the accident scene, a hit-and-run driver can be held liable if their actions cause injuries and damage to another person.

Common Types of Injuries Caused by Hit & Run Accidents

Injuries from a hit-and-run crash depend on the severity of the crash.

A person could sustain a variety of injuries, including:

The cost of treating injuries can be substantial, and a victim may also incur a substantial loss of income and emotional pain and suffering from the accident. These car accident damages can be compensated by filing a personal injury claim. However, who do you file the claim against in a hit-and-run accident?

Who is Liable for a Hit & Run Accident?

The hit-and-run driver can be held liable for the damages caused by the accident. However, you must locate the driver before you can hold him responsible for your damages.

If the police cannot locate the driver, you might receive compensation for your damages by filing an uninsured motorist claim with your insurance company. Most insurance policies treat hit-and-run accidents as accidents caused by an uninsured motorist.

You may also receive compensation for property damage by filing a claim under your collision coverage. Before you receive compensation for your claim, you must prove that the hit-and-run driver caused your crash. A lawyer can help you gather the evidence needed to prove your claim.

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